Can’t wait for surgery

by marisama311

I didn’t realize how many people would actually view this blog.  I’m close to 1000 views in just a month.  I wonder how many of you out there struggle with TMJ pain on a daily basis.  For as long as I can remember, which only dates back to my high school days for some reason, I’ve had significant TMJ pain.  It’s not usually a sharp pain that will knock me out for the night, but a dull, chronic discomfort that just won’t ever go away.  I like to describe it as if I have a really loose and dangling joint on the right, and a tight crickety joint on the left.  This is mainly due to the fact that I have asymmetry and an uneven bite.  My teeth hit high on my left side, so naturally I always chew on my left.  

I’ve never personally met anyone that struggles with TMJ quite the way I do.  I’ll come across people who say they have TMD, but they always seem to manage just fine.  Maybe I’m managing just fine in their eyes as well, but I just feel like life would be so easy if I didn’t have to constantly think about my jaw hurting.  I feel like I’ve been quite successful so far in life, but I wonder how much I’m being held back because of chronic pain.  I think that most people that undergo orthognathic surgery have suffered through a lot leading up to surgery and have just learned to deal with their problems.  I find it difficult to understand how people without chronic pain can complain as much as they do.  I’m really hoping jaw surgery can help even out my bite and take some of the stress off my joints.  The possibilities just seem limitless after surgery.  Hopefully my expectations aren’t too high.

If anyone out there currently suffers from similar TMD, or has gone through jaw surgery with chronic pain, please comment and let me know how you cope with the pain.