Braces update

by marisama311

My pre-surgical orthodontic preparation plan includes opening up 1mm gaps between my laterals and my canines.  This is to allow more room for my upper arch to fit over my lower arch after surgery.  I initially thought the gaps were created to allow space for upper jaw segment cuts, but that isn’t the case since the segments will take place between the canines and the first molars.  As you can see from the pictures, my left side is starting to open up, about 1/2mm so far.  The right side is also opening up but just not visibly yet.  The plan is to bond my laterals once everything is said and done.  I’ve been through braces twice before so my teeth are somewhat straight and my bite doesn’t look so bad when I compare my bite to some of the orthognathic community, but it’s off by enough to drive me crazy.